More than 60% of vehicles in the UK have Air Con. With the press of a button ice cool air is blown into your vehicle, it seems so simple. On a hot day stuck in traffic it's the thing that keeps us cool. Then on a typical wet British day when your windows are steamed up a simple press of the button can instantly demist. In both situations your Air Con will ensure that you arrive at your destination safely and fresh from your journey.

Air Con Service
Did you know that your Air Conditioning requires servicing a minimum of every two years, if left unattended it could lead to failure and replacement of parts. Each and every service includes a thorough 25 point check. The system is placed under vacuum to totally remove the refrigerant and any residual moisture. When we replace the refrigerant, we replace it with the exact correct weight of gas for your particular make or model. An Ultraviolet dye is added into the system, to allow the detection of leaks, we always inspect your vehicles pollen filter and if a replacement is required there will be an additional charge. A sanitiser is applied for Hygiene Deodorising and Fumigation. This will disinfect your air conditioning system and all internal vents and ducting, killing any bacteria and fungal blooms.

Preventative Tips
There are a couple things you can do to avoid expensive bills or surprises. First of all, make sure you have the system checked regularly according to your vehicle handbook. Secondly, even though it might not make sense to run the Air Con during the winter months, our licensed technicians recommend running your Air Con for at least ten minutes per month. Even if just to demist your windscreen in the damp winter mornings, it contains a light mineral oil in the refrigerant to keep the compressor properly lubricated. Consult your vehicle handbook to determine the exact recommended usage during winter.

Air Con isn't just for Summer!
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