Affordable peace of mind
We understand and recognise that running cost and maintenance can be expensive.
With our customers in mind we have put together an affordable alternative and flexible approach for preventative maintenance and servicing. Structured to provide the level of service most appropriate for your vehicles age, mileage and service history. Booking your cars service every year is important to keep it in good running order and could actually cut running cost significantly, a simply clogged air filter can reduce fuel efficiency by a massive 10 per cent. But it's not always easy to find a reputable and honest car service centre in your local area, instead of leaving it to chance we solve this problem for you. A unique opportunity for you and your vehicle to receive exactly the right service for exactly the right price.

Any make, any model
Whether you drive a Lada or Lamborghini makes no difference to us. We're experienced and qualified to service any make and any model of car.

Manufactures Service
At TOYO-TECH AUTOMOTIVE we also offer you the option for us to carry out servicing on your vehicle to a manufactures specification, Using genuine parts inline with their recommended service schedules and inspections to maintain your manufactures warranty.

Additional Replacements
All service options includes inspection of all fluid levels and safety related components, any additional replacement parts or fluids required during the service will be communicated to the owner for approval prior to replacement, additional cost will vary depending on make or model.

For more information contact us today 01245 327749

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